Sunday, June 19, 2016


Our European vacation is behind us.
The 3 week trip to Poland and  Sicily was a lot of fun. We did lots of family time and even more sightseeing. Let's start with Sicily, two days in Palermo, two days in Catania and an amazing coastal drive form Catania to Mondello. That drive was in big percentage just bridges and tunnels, quite interesting. People everywhere friendly, helpful, relaxed. But the best part was coffee and sweets. Like my friend Hanna told me before we left USA, even a gas station will have the  the best coffee and she was right. My husband and I had a lot of cappuccinos and lots of baked goods. All their bakery sweets are delicious and of course gelato was perfect to cool down.
As expected, we gained a few pounds, but when you in good shape already, it's ok to indulge and enjoy your vacation. I quickly got back to my pre vacation weight. And As I was thinking about weigh -  it just hit me, there is one more trick that might work for those who know they snack too much - brush your teeth!🤔😜. Yes it works for me. I brush me teeth after my morning coffee and then don't eat for awhile, because first I like the feeling of freshly brushed teeth, and the food doesn't taste good right after brushing. So brush teeth more often during the day and early in the evening to avoid extra snacking .

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