Friday, August 28, 2015

Welcome To The Biggest Little Card Shop!

Drum roll please...........!!!!

Hello and welcome to - "The Biggest Little Card Shop!" 

On this blog I will post a "behind the scenes" view of some of the items I make and the new mediums I try. Crafting is my passion and I love sharing it with people. So follow my blog and journey through crafting and check out my card shop. Let's keep snail mail alive! 

          About Me:

              My name is Wiesia Fascio and I create one of a kind cards and scarves! It has been my dream to share my love of crafting and card making, with the world since I started this passion 18 years ago. 
            We live in a world where we can send a text message within seconds to wish someone a Happy Birthday, or Skype someone halfway across the world to say Congratulations. However, nothing can replace the thoughtfulness and love that is included in sending a card! The entire process of picking the perfect card, handwriting a personal note just for their eyes and dropping it in a mail box is a cherished occasion. When someone receives a card in the mail with his or her name on it, they feel loved and appreciated in a way that a text message or phone call cannot make them feel.

            So it is a perfect combination! People want to send special one of a kind cards to their loved ones, and I love making these hand crafted cards!