Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring is Here

At least officially, Spring is here.
It's windy and chilly today, so I guess it's going to be a good excuse for me to craft all day.
But not exactly. I have had sciatica pain for last two days, so my stretching excersizes must be done twice a day on top of my trampoline routine. Since it hurts more when I sit - I will be doing more chores around the house just because its less painful to move around then sit or stand. And today is Monday and since I follow @Cleanmama on IG - i will be cleaning all the bathrooms :)
I didn't mention earlier but my husband and I both using Fit bits. I like it very much - it's very motivating for me, easy to check how much I'm moving and reaching my goals every day.
And I can't stress enough how important it is to keep moving. I was just thinking that the other day, that we were given two legs for a reason. Not to drive, sit or lay down all the time but to MOVE using those legs. I feel like we don' t use those legs enough and that applies to both children and adults. So with the abundance of food (including empty calories) and ton of passive activities humans are becoming larger, lazier and less healthy. So Keep Moving People. I was told once that not everyone likes to walk like you do. Well,  I don't really know that I love to walk, but I know that I need to use those legs of mine. I even park further down in parking lots, because every step counts!
And as we all know I sit a lot because I love to create. Last week we had fun at card class making Easter basket full of Easter eggs card. The basket is simply weaved with strips of card stock and then colored with a cube of brown ink. Eggs are stamped or cut out of colorful papers. And of course we made the eggs sparkle with glitter using Stickles. I also love that bow - it's an awesome die cut from Cuttlebug - Anna Griffin collection. There is so many uses for that big bow.
Enjoy and Happy Easter

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