Monday, November 30, 2015

It's a challenge

Ok folks,
I see all sort of challenges going on in crafting word and it's wonderful but I wanted to challenge you in something else then creativity. I honestly believe that when you are crafter - in my case a card maker - it's not difficult to create something for a challenge  - please, give me one more reason to sit down at my crafting table - right?
So here comes my challenge and this one is not just for women after 50 😉
I challenge every woman - young and not so young to do 200 bicycle crunches every day. It doesn't matter if you can only do 20 at a time , but the total must be 200. I already started this challenge and sometimes I do 50 at a time, then take a break and then again 50 - that takes me maybe 3 minutes of my time. Then I spend an hour at my crafting table but the in order to craft more I need to "earn" it so I do another 50 and again 50 until I'm done with 200 for the day. You may ask why? The answer is simple. Especially now, when winter comes, days are shorter, I personally don't spend as much time outside but it's still important to move, excersize and keep in shape. And this challenge keeps me more active and reminds me to get up and move. Let's not forget the Thanksgiving might be behind us, but Christmas is coming and with the family gatherings, comes more food, more cookies etc. So, join me Ladies for the daily challenge so that scale won't go up this holiday season.
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