Friday, September 25, 2015

Excersizing after 50

I really wanted to touch the subject of exercising after 50. First of all I strongly believe that no matter what age we are we need lots of movements in our lives to keep us going. But it's crucial when we are getting older. For the last 3 years I have been doing it every day unless I'm on vacation. I developed my own routine of stretches and other exercises to keep my body moving. I honestly don't think that's important that you doing certain poses correctly or fully out. I think that the most important thing is that you are actually moving. So for example when I stretch, my posture might not be perfectly straight but it is not that important - unless you getting ready for Olympics - haha. I think it matters that I do it and at the same time I listen to my body. My daily routine includes sun salutations, plank ( I don't see myself in the mirror so not sure how great is that plank, haha), at least 3 separate sets of 20 crunches, shoulder stand and clam work with my legs. Of course there are other exercises - every now and then I add something new, I skip some, so it goes. (Blanca :)
Now you may ask why talking about it when I am all about crafting? That 's exactly WHY!
I can sit at my crafting table ALL day - but I make myself to get up and move. Otherwise I would be worse then a couch potato. It is hard because I love to make cards and work on them all day long - so here is what I do. I need to earn that time to craft and create. So in the morning after my first cup of coffee - I do my morning stretching/etc routine. Then after that 10 minutes (not too long - its workable - you can do it) I feel like I earned that time at my craft table. And below are a few of my latest creations. If you love them - please visit   they are listed in my shop for sale!!!

this one has a see through - embossed acetate window !

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