Sunday, April 22, 2018

Omg TV commercials

Yep I feel like ranting again, this time about TV 📺 commercials.
So,  I’m lucky I record programs that I want to watch, this way I can forward all the junk. And yes, most commercials are about the junk at least as far as food is concerned.
I am so done with new medicines and junk food commercials. Am I a doctor that I need to know about the medicine that may help my condition and by the way, the side effects might kill me. It’s not enough that pharmaceutical companies inform the doctors about their meds, they also need to tell the public?!
Then the foods. I’m sorry we already have soooo much obesity, but hey let’s advertise all the processed, junk foods that have no nutritional value for our bodies. Children and adults salivate when they watch the food commercials and then fill up their shopping carts with it as soon as they get to a grocery store. I’m sorry I don’t care how many vitamins they put in the sugar cereal, it’s still not a good breakfast or a healthy snack. We consume so much sugar that’s sickening.
Even lunch meat has sugar 🤨.
Basically it’s a must to read labels and do most foods by yourself from scratch.

Have a great week,

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